Bearded Boarding Axe

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Not made an axe in a while, but this cut-off chunk of damascus has been staring at me for awhile. So I gave it a little hammer workover and came up with this axe. Biggest problem was finding a suitable sized legbone in my boneyard. Used a wedge of turquoise and faux sinew to complete the package (possum leg bone). Yeah, that's a .22 LR for size comparison.
Carl, very nice work as usual.


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I like it.
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Thank you folks. I really have a lot of fun making the mins. They are challenging, but I hate to waste materials that have potential for use. My buds will tell you - if it leaves my Shop it's in a dust pan.
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Thank you all. Pop always said throw it away and you'll need it tomorrow. He grew up during the big depression - never threw anything away. (Blessing and a Curse). Matter of fact is I still use a lot of his old tools in my shop that were made before WWII.
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