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What weight arrows y'all slingin at bear? I like my 401grain carbons with 2" mechanical for plugging deer out to 50 yds but should I shoot heavier for bear? Kilt piles of deer, but it's my 1st year of bear hunting. I know this is an opinion subject but just wanted to hear from some experienced bear KILLERS.
I use whatever is on Walmart clearance, I’m a muzzy man this year , got 2 packs $5 each, also got some China rages and sharpened them up. Arrows I use Victory 350’s cause they was on clearance for $18 a half dozen before Dicks Sporting Goods went all Liberal .picked up 2 dozen of those
I agree with what others have stated. Don’t change a thing. I believe shot placement is most important. Focus on that. A double lunged bear generally won’t go 50 yards.
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Thanks everyone! I feel good bout my set up, just a lil more confident bout it now. Lots of great info on here. Was on a bear yesterday but it didn't work out. My closest encounter so far. I'm hooked.