Bears and feeders? Clinch County


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Hello Forum. I’m planning on putting a tripod feeder on a property in Clinch county? Has anyone had issues with bears knocking over feeders in this area? Would it be unlikely or is hanging from a chain needed? Thanks a lot!


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If you have bears, the tripod feeder will get destroyed. They didn't mess with our troughs as much. But did turn one over. Hanging is the best method. We just got back from getting stuff out of SC and they also messed up 6 or 7 cameras. Broken antennas, chewed on, battery boxes toted off and chewed on..... we found some. Others are lost for good. Dang bears. Hogs do most of this same stuff.


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Definitely hang it, them jokers will destroy any feeder they can reach or at the very least empty it and corn ain't cheap these days.

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