Beaver Slide - updated w/trap action

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Noticed a beaver slide on the backside of the dam looked rather active. set up a camera on it to see if i could pattern a beaver(s), discovered the whole community is using this trail. thought the picture with the otter and the catfish was pretty telling.

***The land owner set a trap at the bottom of the slide just out of camera view. One otter so far, no beavers.


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Cool shots! You got a little bit of everything going on there.
Excellent pics! All you were missing on that trail is "Bigfoot" and the ever so famous black panter. :D


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I liked seeing those, I'm a big fan of creek crossings and different cam set ups for critters. Much more entertaining than the usual feeder cam pics.Good job.


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That's one of the best trail cam shots I have ever seen! :clap:....Dude, that's awesome! Congrats! and thanks for showing me B you are my buddy!:fine:
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wow those are some really cool pics, never would have thought you would get so many diff animals, and the otter!
i didn't expect much, just trying to target some beaver activity. after roughly 300 pictures in the last few weeks, i only have a few beaver shots and the majority of the images are of the otter(s).

thanks for all the comments. :flag: