Before school hunt!! Got em!

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My son and I went hunting this morning before school, shot a few Woody's knocked some geese down and gentlemen I don't know where those birds got off too. He turned one on its back and when it hit the water it sounded like a 5 gallon bucket we went over there to look for it and it was nowhere to be found. I have never experienced that before with the goose but there's a first time for everything. we walked around kicked around up under logs up under bushes trying to find those things for a good 45 minutes and I have no idea where they could have got off to , I hate losing Birds but we did our due diligence and trying to find them . we had a blast we shot had fun good-fellowship he was a little bit late for school but at the end it was all worth it. We shot our first banded duck ever this morning!!! And that was the first bird to hit the water this morning oh, she was a female wood duck was banded August 9th 2016 as a baby in a wood duck box that had been installed. I think that's pretty cool she lasted three years we probably shot her around 5 miles away from where she had been banded. I just really thank everyone who goes out there and puts the time in to better our duck hunting and waterfowl habitat, it really makes a big difference I say thank you to all of you true waterfowl Hunters out there who respect and love this sport. Good luck to everyone that's going out this weekend to close it out, be safe shoot straight and have fun!


Good job !!! I remember hunting before school and back then we didn't have to worry about taking the guns home before we went . It was straight from the woods to class.
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ME TOO!!!! From the swamp to school, and from school to the deer stand on many occasion! Camo, guns and everything else hunting wise you could think of, they will all but bury you under the jail for that these days.