Beginner Trail Cam

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What is a good beginner trail camera that will not break the bank?

I live near an academy sports, dicks sports and sportsmans warehouse..... I am wanting to get into the trail cam craze, but don't have alot of $$$ to spend.

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for the money....don't waste your time on the commercial cams...look at this site... they do alot of unbiased trail cam can do a homebrew for around 125.00......then you don't have to worry about IF you are going to get a picture.....i have put my cams up to all of them....not a single cam will out perform it...cuddes,reconx,bushnell,none of them.....
Check out that website. Also consider battery life. The cheaper ones usually have a late trigger so they should only be used over a feeder or scrapes. Anyplace a deer will stop. If you are going to set the camera over a feeder, then trigger speed is not an issue. Battery life is always an issue.