Berrien county Alapaha river

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Got to the Alapaha River property Monday afternoon 10/20. Hunted that evening and got snorted out on a plot at 7:00. Sat in the river bottom the next morning right on the river. Good view of the river and the oaks. Beautiful white sand beach behind me all tracked up, saw Bear tracks in the mud also. Nothing but Turkeys. Wednesday morning I walked into a stand I have taken several good buck from, but what were 40 yard views in the woods are now 200 to 300 yard views as the woods have been clear-cut. At 8:00 I looked to my right and at 100 yards and there stood a buck with long tines. He was facing me and I could not move. As he walked behind a big oak I moved the rifle into position. He began to walk down into the slough and I mouth grunted. He stopped and I shot. He turned out to be a ten point 18 inches wide with 9 inch G 2's. Back at camp he weighed in at 195 pounds live weight. When I skinned him I could not believe all of the yellow fat. When I cut to remove the back straps I peeled a half inch thick piece of yellow fat the entire length of his body from neck to rump.

Guys, I unfortunately deleted the former post trying to post pictures, sorry. Lets begin again.

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No sign of the rut.

The Buck I shot was not in rut, hocks snow white. I did not seen any scrapes or rubs in my travels for the three days I was on the property, and I was looking.
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Thanks Billy,

Man it looks like you had a great trip out west.

I am going to try to post some pics. Photo bucket seems to have changed their format for posting.



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That's a great buck Russ, thanks for the pics. I noticed that too with photobucket. Tried to post those pics
On the old thread. Trying to figure it out as well
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10-4 on the stomach contents. He was gorged with a variety of woody browse, acorns and corn, most of which was not recognizable, just a thick slurry. I called the biologist from Waycross, Greg Nelms and asked him about the massive amount of yellow fat. He simply said that deer "tissue" as in most animals and fish take on the color of their feed. He said the acorns as well as the corn make the color of the fat. I described the deer as big, fed well with typical antlers and no abnormalities and he said , "Well, it seems apparent that he was a very healthy deer".


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Since we are sharing pics, here's some from a trip I took out west this month. Mulie from Wyoming, antelope from Montana. Lever guns out west just rule:cheers:
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Thanks Spear....

Yeah, hope she can see one too. My son has been hunting on this property with me since he was nine years old. He has taken Four Doe and two small buck and one average six point over the years. He is 29 now. I just hope he can take just an average eight point this season to bolster his scorecard!!! Keep me posted on any rut sign. I just heard about a storm in Central America and hope it does not come up through the Gulf and inundate us with rain. I am going to check the storm track to see!?!?

Just got a Turkey Fryer at bass Pro for $39.95 to boil my deer head to do a euro mount.

Later and good Luck.

I hunted just southeast of Nashville this past weekend. I saw no chasing and young bucks were still hanging out together. I did see a couple of small scrapes but no others around cotton fields, firebreaks or lanes.