Berrien county Alapaha river

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forgot to post. was on the property 3 days last weekend. after the rain the river was way up, but still within its banks, but some sloughs had water. all the tracks were fresh, but as usual with this time of year I believe it was 99% night movement. one spike and four doe/fawn were seen by the 2 guys hunting. the fact that there have been 3 members that have not even been on the property resulting in relatively little pressure throughout the season, they still go nocturnal perhaps from the adjacent human influence. I guess there will be a couple guys up for the close and that will be it for this year. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see how the relationship goes with the new landowner again next season!!!

Whitetailer clear...and Merry Christmas to all!

Come to the Keys and fish.
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Your daughter would love it. I have a couple days open between Christmas and New Years......:cool::clap:


P.S. This is what we call "shaking the chum bag".....
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A few guys up for the last weekend to hunt and to close up the camp til Turkey season. Had a new hunter take a doe this morning. Fortunately it looks like I a have a full roster for next season. Gonna have the forestry guys come detail some access roads and disc some plots in summer.

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wind, tornado report??

Can anyone tell me of any wind or tornado damage in the Alapaha area from the recent front that passed through?

My property is 3 miles east of Alapaha on the south side of rt 82.

Thanks, Whitetailer


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nah, pretty sure you should be fine. most of the damage was south of Nashville the best I can tell.
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Thanks Bam Bam.

Wanderlust, Oh yeah water. The river was way out of its banks at season end. I am hoping to have the forestry service in during June or July to reclaim some roads and disc some areas and it should be dry by then.

Thanks, Whitetailer
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Hey, The guys on my property have not had any success on the Gobblers either. Hearing birds that will not come to them for the most part.


PS. Did you find a rental in Islamorada?
Lost some big trees on my land. All my stands are still standing. Still waiting on a good buck to show up on camera to give me something to dream about. Plenty of acorns on the ground now, hope there are some left to drop later in the season.
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Wanderlust, and all...

Thanks for the hurricane report. I left Key Largo a month ago and spent the last three weeks in Wyoming. I am in a motel in Missouri tonight and will be on my lease property by Monday or Tuesday. The river gauge on the Alapaha river says the water is up a mere five feet. I want to stop and plant anything that is dry enough to. I am worried about feeders and stands being upright. I had a great work weekend in July with seven of nine members and hope that all our hard work was not in vane. I also had the forestry guys in with two V blade tractors reclaiming roads and harrowing plot areas. I got some great velvet photos in July and put the cams back up and am anxious to check them. Good luck.

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Worked at the Berrien County lease for 8 hours. Chain sawing trees down checking feeders. Two stands down. Had some seed and fertilizer, so got rid of that.

Just got home to Key Largo Wednesday at noon. War Zone appearance. I will probably have a week or more by myself to clean up. Minor house damage and side fences down. My marina is badly damaged. Two freezers under a lean too one with food and one with chum and bait. Hoping they froze when the power came back on.

Darn, it is a lot hotter here than Wyoming.