Berrien county Alapaha river

hunted a couple time let a small 8 walk killed a cull. daughter couldn't get a shot on sat night or morning but deer where moving. hope some of you guys are doing good haven't seen much on here good luck.
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Was on the river bottom property for several days. Cold to start ands got hot later on. I saw lots of deer and when I figured out where they were roaming saw a few buck. There were two eight points taken that week. Both buck were taken very close to each other and twenty minutes apart but were not seeking , just walking, but hocks were stained up pretty good. One was 16" and the other 14" wide.

I was surprised at the deer movement this weekend. They were chasing like crazy. I haven’t never liked hunting the full moon in the past but this weekend was a wild one.
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I never miss hunting the rutting moon [second full moon after the autumnal equinox]. If hunting pressure and heat are not to much around this time it has produced the best for me over the years.

seen lots of good deer this week, first time in 15years I lost a buck really good deer I shot it did a flip hit the ground ran of then started to walk couldn't get another shot for the sun in my eyes I hate that feeling, good luck guys
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Good hunting

With the close of the 2017 Deer season, I must say that we had a good year. With all of the changes to the property and the landowner not doing any of the [promised] road work or not planting any plots, our harvest was good. Several members rallied to do work on stands and etch out a couple of plots, etc. Thanks to you guys, your work paid off. We took five [8 point] bucks, one of which by a new member that was on the lease for only the second time, taking a long tined eight point that green scored in the 120's. My son took an eight point last week on January 6th. The shot was just shy of 200 yards and the buck weighed in live weight at 175 pounds and was full blown rutting with large dark sticky hocks. A neighboring club takes plenty of doe, so we often do not shoot a doe for the year. Ill ask the son to post a couple of pictures of his buck.
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Been more rain this summer than i can remember for a long time. Hope it grows some big bucks. The Alapaha river been to high to fish for over a month now. HUNT0832.JPG
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Was non the property two weeks ago to do a couple days of work and the sloughs were full of water making for difficulty getting to some areas near the river. We got 10 plots disked and put out 5 feeders and mineral blocks. Will be up to plant later September.
Hey guys, any of y’all know of a good place to find a decent gator around there? Maybe someone with a private pond or an area of a river?