Berrien county Alapaha river

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I have a work weekend scheduled soon. We have 9 new stands, 3 of which are tripods. We will plant plots and set up feeders and with the property dry and the river very low we will have good access. I have been on the property several times in the last 5 months and gotten loads of great pictures of lots of Buck in velvet. Of course their patterns will change drastically in the coming weeks, but it is just nice to see what nice animals are on the river bottom property. The second picture was in late July of a bachelor group of five Buck. We have lots of stands in the river bottom, and I love sitting in there, but we have to put more stands up high incase the river floods the property!! Here is to a safe productive season to all...Whitetailer/Russ


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Had a few archers up for the bow opener. Just a few doe seen... BUT, I am concerned about Sally, as it looks like we stand a good chance of flooding from the rainfall as she passes through the state..
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Got back east from a 4 week trip to Wyoming and Colorado on Wednesday the 14th.

It just happened that way. Hunted Sat and Sun with little to talk about. Heard 3 shots Sat and 4 shots Sun. I did 2 days work on the property filling feeders and hanging camo on a few stands. Trimmed lots of trees and branches. Things look very good. Plots grew great and the river is within its banks, a very important thing...

Be back up in a few days, but no cool weather expected for a week or so. Lots of buck pictures, but no monsters on camera......BUT they are lurking.
Good luck to all..... Russ
We have family property along the alapaha river, split between Tift and Irwin counties.
What signs are you guys seeing right now? I saw a lot of crush rubs a month ago, just now seeing a few scrapes, but nothing like we have had in the past few years. Haven’t seen any bucks really following does. Literally watched a group of does head to the east the last 3 mornings and then watched 3 small bucks (1.5 -2.5 year old deer)go past them in the exact opposite direction 2-3 minutes apart.
Just curious if anybody near me is seeing anything similar.
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This season [so far] has been tough. Plots grew great. Eight new stands three of which are tripods that we love. Have feeders running.....keeping up with the neighbors! Two deer taken to date. 1 doe and 1 eight point, albeit a "junior" eight point. I saw two BIG fellas, but no ethical shot. Made a big pot of venison goulash. Turnips are huge and I know will provide lots of late season forage.


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Here we go with season number twenty-six on the Alapaha river bottom property. I got to Colorado March 1st and will be back east the week after Labor Day and will spend time doing what I can myself until our work weekend the third week of September. Always too hot to plant until then. Landowner is paid and liability insurance is paid, so here we go. My wonderful daughter in law is due October 15th and I'm excited about that. Its a boy.... How soon can I bring him hunting? lol...

Anyway, just wanted to post as it has been many months since any writings.

Whitetailer...... Russ

PS: These Mule Deer are not anywhere as pretty as our eastern Whitetails. They lead a harsh life!!! I am watching their antlers grow now.