Berrien county Alapaha river

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I have a work weekend scheduled soon. We have 9 new stands, 3 of which are tripods. We will plant plots and set up feeders and with the property dry and the river very low we will have good access. I have been on the property several times in the last 5 months and gotten loads of great pictures of lots of Buck in velvet. Of course their patterns will change drastically in the coming weeks, but it is just nice to see what nice animals are on the river bottom property. The second picture was in late July of a bachelor group of five Buck. We have lots of stands in the river bottom, and I love sitting in there, but we have to put more stands up high incase the river floods the property!! Here is to a safe productive season to all...Whitetailer/Russ


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Had a few archers up for the bow opener. Just a few doe seen... BUT, I am concerned about Sally, as it looks like we stand a good chance of flooding from the rainfall as she passes through the state..