Berrien county Alapaha river

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Got food plots planted and even with no rain whatsoever, in a week they were growing with 2 to 4 inch cereal grains and turnips and rape coming up too!!??
I don't get it, but I'm happy. NOW rain five days in a row...

Only bummer is my tow behind atv disc broke. Anyone know a welder that can fix me up? Russ
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Sitting mornings only as I'm here by myself. Hearing no shots close or distant. Saw 2 doe Sunday am. Monday am at about 1000 I heard nonstop grunting behind me
Turned aroundand across a water filled slough 60 feet wide was a nice 8 point all shook up. He was trotting back and fourth grunting and at one point he started hooking the sod bank with his left antler.
I had no decent shot as there was alot of limbs and brush in the way and he just didn't slow down. All took about 30 seconds. Next morning, same spot a doe ran by at 900. Figured, here we go....but nope. Nice that it was cool. Whitetailer
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Got nite time pictures of a really great buck last season. Got one picture of him this season, so I knew he made it. By myself I have not been hunting evenings, but I decided to last night. Oh my golly...
At 6:15 I look up and a big buck is standing broadside to me at 65 yards. Bang with my model 600 308 and he runs with tail tight against his rump.
He ran 40 yards and that was it. It is him!!!
10 point, 17 inches wide, 9 inch g2"s, 10 inch g3s omg g3s that curl Inward. 170 pounds live weight.



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Hunted Thursday and half of yesterday. Zero. Saw hens in a field midday yesterday.Found some coon eaten eggs and deer numbers seem solid. E153E6FB-1EA0-4A45-8DA2-7438664C3A89.jpeg