Besides Georgia and if money wasn’t an issue, where would you live ?


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Southwest Montana or southeast Idaho, not many people, scenery is awesome, trout fishing and hunting abound, it can be bitterly cold there in Dec - Feb, but if money was no object that wouldn't matter to me, I could always leave and spend a few weeks in warmer environs
somewhere with land. lots of land. and hills. lots of hills and mountains. and rushing streams. and waterfalls.

Probably eastern Tennessee or Kentucky. Maybe western NC if they could get rid of the liberal in gooberment
The only liberal government in western NC is the city of Asheville, which is a tiny fraction of the region, populated with people from somewhere else. All of western NC except for Asheville is extremely conservative.
If I had unlimited money, I would still live right where I'm at most of the year. I would leave here about early December and go to somewhere it isn't bleak and frozen, like the Gulf coast, and come back about mid-April when it quits snowing. I wouldn't mind spending some time out west in the late summer/early fall.


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I'd have a home base on Lake Nottley and spend most of the time traveling staying months at a time in different areas of the US and a few countries if money were no object.


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leer jet and a few helicopters scattered west......


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Second choice would be to build a big suburban metropolis on a hillside in the smokies not far from the Casino. Big double custom gate, three pools and a monster truck to ride the roads leaf lookin.

Maybe buy a councilman to pass some ordinances to run off some hillfolk :bounce:
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Ozarks, in the area of the White and Kings rivers. Hard to make a living there but what an beautiful place.


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Y'all a'int gonna like this one but if money is no object:

An estate built to my specifications on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean north of LA. Something like those along Cliffside Dr. in Malibu. I would need to buy 2 or three and demolish the neighbors to get the privacy that I would want.

Staff to do all the shopping and other contact with the locals. Helo pad with helo to access nearest airport for the Lear Jet back to GA on a pretty regular basis. I could fly in folks that I wanted to be around and they could enjoy the views and the weather by the weekend or the month depending on who they are.


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Get a Prevost motor home, hit the road and live everywhere, and live nowhere. My roots are, probably like me, pretty shallow, and there’s a lot of this great country to see - from sea to sea.


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So yours is staying put until she can cash the life insurance too. :bounce: I just added another policy this year. She will be loaded. Wish I could be there :brick:
No worries. I'll take care of her at the lake house. She'll have to get a metrosexual for the city life though.