Besides Georgia and if money wasn’t an issue, where would you live ?


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Lowell, ID in the summer/early fall. Guana Bay, Sint Maarten in the winter/early spring.

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Told my hubby the same thing when I went there. Reminded me more of Georgia than any of places I've traveled. I like the South Carolina Low Country myself.
I hope to be your nextdoor neighbor someday! Mainly to come have biscuits and whatnots you two make!!!
I’ll cut the grass for breakfast lunch and dinner twice a week.


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On a 10,000 acre island with 1000 foot cliffs on every side. As far away from people as possible with laser beams on turrets every 500 feet around the rim of the cliff aimed at the water.

I would stock this island with mule deer, buffalo, whitetails, turkey and elk. I would finally and only then be able to control the genetics and age class of animals and I could control who steels the camera card out of my trail camera.....Hopefully the guy that stole my card last week would be the first one that the lasers got tested on...

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Been thinking about this for a long time.
Once my son finishes school (9.5 years and counting), i'll be out of Suwanee. Schools are some of the best. Traffic and politics, some of the worst. Hate the nonstop building and parking lot they call roads.

I'd love to have a place in far N GA for most of the year - Home Base!!!!
Florida beaches would be great December - February,
Colorado would be awesome June-August.
I want Texas. Been there and it felt like Georgia used to.
I have my wife talked into visiting TX, I have lived there twice and loved both times. TX has everything you could ask for! West TX hill country deer, east TX hogs and deer, beaches, and big enough you can get away from folks. The only drawback is the folks moving in from the left coast are bringing their liberal ways and ideas with them.

Still say Montana or Wyoming, to cold for liberals!


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Yep. Luckily, the state legislature is now controlled by Republicans, who have been doing a good job for the last several years after they finally broke over a hundred years of Democrat control. Both our senators are Republicans, along with the majority of our representatives in Congress. Now, if we could get rid of this idiot governor, we would be ok. The legislature pretty much has him hamstrung so that he can't do anything. Our main problem is people moving in from other places to our urban areas, just like Georgia.
Great comment !!!

The operative is the last sentence in your post.

At least in Florida, you know up- front, you ain't one of them.

I had many friends there long ago. Still friends with some that haven't been scattered with the wind. The 3 years I was a permanent resident, I met one guy that was born and bred from St. Pete. All the rest were from somewhere else. Namely up north.

It's still like heaven on earth. If I can go back, I might just do that.

Fish YEAR ROUND'. Come back to my beloved Georgia to hunt. Right now, I live here, hunt here and travel to fish.

I'm thinking seriously about reversing that.
Hog and Turkey are abundant inland. Come home for deer. Sounds like a plan. I love living on the coast. Especially that far south.
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I’d stay put. I have a nice house that’s less than two years old on a beautiful 19 acre wooded tract, with a nice creek that has produced some nice bream and catfish. The only thing missing for me is a place to shoot. I can shoot rimfire and I try to hold that to a hundred rounds or so at the time. I have a few neighbors, close enough to be bothered by gunfire so I don’t shoot centerfire. The neighbors are mostly retired conservatives so we get along just fine. The only thing I’d do different is to hire a landscape contractor to come in and really fix up the place. If I had money to burn, I’d probably buy a few hundred acres where I could hunt with my son in law and grandson and have that shooting range, out to about 500 yards.


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Canada or Alaska off the grid!

Iowa, Michigan, Dakotas, Colorado, or Montana would be my next choices!

Anywhere up North where you actually have a winter and snow!


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Pay off the national debt by purchasing Yellowstone NP. Remove all the asphalt and most of the other non natural stuff.

Live in the various lodges seasonally. Invite @Nicodemus , @JustUs4All , @NE GA Pappy , @gadeerwoman , @fredw , @Jim Boyd and others to visit occasionally so we could watch the elk and buffalo and other animals and ponder on how it was before we foolish Europeans showed up.