Best baseball bat?

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Guys my son will be moving up to junior league baseball this year. This means he will be using a big barrel bat. I was wondering if anyone had any input on which one was best. Last year in little league he had a anderson ,it had alot of pop but dented bad he went through two of them in just 18 games.
There are so many out there now that its hard to say. I always like the feel and the pop of a good Louisville Slugger. Be ready to spend some money though, if your gone get one, get a good one. it will be worth it.


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I wish that I could give you an easy answer, but I can't.

First, find out what is legal and what is not.

You want a well built bat, but do not try to impress with weight. Remember, bat speed is key.

Take your son and let him hold the bats. He needs total control of the bat and it should be comfortable for him. Hold the bat up with one arm. Should be able to maintain comfort. Etc.
The best bat for your son is one that is the perfect length and weight. I have seen kids with old worn out bats killing the ball consistently with good technique. If money is not tight check Dicks Sporting Goods, look online and check Better Baseball online or at new store on S Cobb Dr in Marietta. Buying used is not a bad idea if the bat doesn't have a lot of swings or games in it. The names and models change fast but DeMarini and Liquid plasma are a few good ones, also Easton's are good bats just make sure you know if its a current model or not and pay accordingly. A new or newer appearing bat can actually be a few years old or an outdated model. Also, Play it again Sports can have a few deals,too, but mostly old bats for retail.


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Combat B2....Miken Freak....Easton Synergy.. and Demarini CF4...stick with the composites!!!
The trainer that my kids go to said that composite bats are soon to be outlawed. He is up to date on this sort of thing. :offtopic:
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Thanks guys,we went and he hit his buddys easton stealth today. Its a nice bat and he hit it well.I think that we will just have to look around and get what fits him.There r several good ones on market.I have one more thing to ask, are all junior league fields this big .Our field is 330ft down both lines and 365 to center with a 8ft fence. It just seems big for 14 year olds.
That's about what we played on in our 13-14 leagues back in the day. I think ours was 320 down the lines and 350 to center
Both my sons play travel ball and ....

Combat B2....Miken Freak....Easton Synergy.. and Demarini CF4...stick with the composites!!!
You will see Combat B1 or B2, Demarini CF3 or CF4 and Easton Stealths on the field more than any other brand presently. I can vouch that the Combat and Demarinis has ALOT of pop to them. I hate to admit the $$$$ I have put into bats over the last 5 years :banginghe:cry:
If you want him to look good, get a combat. If you want to "make" him good get him an wooden Louisville-Slugger. Scouts love the wooden bat players and they can judge raw talent much better. At his age the field lay-out should be 300x300x300.
My son has a Easton Stealth and a Denmarini. He likes both of them. After seeing players hit with the Combat. I think they have more pop to them and my next purchase will be a Combat. It's not the name or makeup of the bat that matters. Most parents have the concept that bigger is better when it comes to bats. Or they will buy a bat and let him grow into it. That is the two biggest mistakes a parent can make. It creates a bad swing and slow bat speed. When I was looking for a bat to purchase my brother (who's a major league scout) said the smaller the better. He also said Barry Bonds swings a 32 in. bat if that gives you a idea what to big is.


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The trainer that my kids go to said that composite bats are soon to be outlawed. He is up to date on this sort of thing. :offtopic:
Na.... They have been saying that for the past 6 or 7 years.... There is too much$$$ involved in the bat industry to ban them anytime soon!!! .. There will always be rumors though.
I am lucky enough to umpire USSSA baseball and I can tell you the bat that has the absolute best pop out there right now is the one by Worth. I know it is not the name of Easton, Louisville Slugger, or Combat, but I can not tell you how many bombs kids had with these bats. This was with kids from 9AA to 12A that I umpired for.

Just my two cents...and my kids us Demarini and the Louisville Slugger EXO.
i would get the b1 combat big barrel . it is the best bat for the money
x2 on that! My son's bat is a drop 3 and he's in Jr/Majors with rec park and JV at high school. Keep in mind the temp outside b/c you shouldn't use composite bats when it's below 55 (I think).

Gotta love it. Baseball season is here!



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I have tried several bats over the last 10 years playing MSBL ball and always went back to an Easton Stealth. The best deals that I have found on baseball equipment are at