Best baseball bat?

I've coached Jr. League for years. Something about working with a bunch of spacey 14 year olds.

I don't have a suggestion for a brand, but I can tell you the most common error is getting a bat that is too heavy. Very very very few 14 year olds have the forearm strength to snap a heavy bat, especially a big barreled bat. Contact is the name of the game in Jr. league, taking advantage of the extra 30 feet on the lines.

And yes, most Jr. Leagues play on the full size Senior league field. That's why the Jr. Leaguer is a lot more likely to drop one in the gaps in the outfield than hit one out. And that's why a quick bat is the best.
My son, who is nine, has two. one big barrel and one regular.

The big barrel is a Louisville Slugger TPX CATALYST x1 composite 29" 19oz. The balls launch off it. I've hit a few messing around and they jump offthis bat. However, with all composites, they do need to break in.

His regular bat is the Nike AeroLaunch. I like this bat better and he hits with it more because its longer and lighter. It's 30inch 17.5 oz and I paid 1/6 for it than the Louisville Slugger. He hits better with this one despite the smaller barrel size and he has more confidence in this one.

THAT'S THE KEY. What makes the kid confident has more to do with the actual bat performance.

We play in woodbat tournaments from time to time. I can tell you the boys like them the best and it brings the pack back together. Totally different ballgame with the wood.