Best Conceal Carry Pistol


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Up until I bought the Glock 43 the Glock 23 was my EDC. Now the model 43 gets the nod for EDC.
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I too carry the Springfield XDs 9 everyday. Comfortable, compact, and quality.

What do you consider mid sized? If it's single stack, it's tough to beat some of the slim 9mm pistols out there. Glock 43, Ruger LC9s, S&W Shield. If you are talking a little bigger, Glock 19 is the answer.
S&W Shield in 9mm for most all carry.
Thanks for all of the replies. Two of the guns I had looked at were the S&W shield and the Springfield XDs in 9mm. I'm glad to see those showed up in the recommendations. Make me feel a little better about my process of elimination.


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I carry a Browning 1911-380 with 4.25 inch barrel. If i had to do it over i think i would look at their new version
with a 3.26 inch barrel. My 4.25 inch model shoots great
and is easy on the hands with recoil. I carry in a holster made for it by Browning, but sometime would like to just carry in my pocket but with the longer barrel its not that comfortable in a pants pocket, hence the shorter barrel version.
My everyday carry gun is a Glock 23. Accurate, reliable, plenty of capacity, and conceals easily IWB. For those times when I need a smaller one, I carry a Ruger LC9.


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XDS(single stack) in 9mm, the S&W shields are nice too, but I LOVE my Taurus pt 709slim. Cheap canvas holster behind the back and I can carry it easily when I am wearing shorts, sweats, or even my underwear will hold it in place...........LOVE the way the 709 slim feels in my hands and its light. It has finger tip indents on both sides and I LOVE the trigger on the 709slim:cool: BTW-I got it on sale for $200 at Adventure.........If Budget is not an issue, I'd go with the XDS;)

Why do folks change out the triggers on their G's?:huh:


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Glock 19 with Crossbreed super tuck (IWB). It is kind of large for concealed carry but usually only other carriers notice.


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I really like my S&W Shield. My G19 is my 2nd choice


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My primary carry is an XDm 9mm 3.8. Like someone else mentioned, I have an lc9s for lighter clothes or when the pants have somehow shrunk :)

I also just got an XD mod2 in 9mm with 3" barrel. Trigger isn't as good as the XDm, but it's a very comfortable shooter and easy carry.

Edit: forgot to mention the grip safety on the Springfields gives me a little extra comfort carrying chambered with my kids always around.

I carry 9mm for capacity and controllability of follow up shots.
My carry is a Taurus PT740 slim. Carry it in a Aliengear IWB holster. It conceals very well, I sometimes even forget I've got it on me. I'm sure there is better out there, but I wanted something very concealable.
You just sold me on a PT740. I have the PT709 and love it. Didn't even know they made it in .40 cal.

I will be taking a trip to the store soon.


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You just sold me on a PT740. I have the PT709 and love it. Didn't even know they made it in .40 cal.

I will be taking a trip to the store soon.
:D Check with Adventure outdoors if you have one near you!
EDC is a Glock 43. It's been the best so far for me b/c it takes a way the excuses of it's not comfortable, or it prints too much. It really gets carried every day.


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HK P30SK with the LEM trigger, I've owned or shot about every gun mentioned so far and this one will be the last carry gun I buy. It's an HK for Glock price. Not knocking Glocks, all of my professional training has been with them but I shoot this better than any of them.
The best CCW pistol is the one you have practiced with and shoot / handle the best.

With all the gun ranges that rent guns there is really no reason not to try several different pistols and cartridges. I would buy some .45 ACP and 9mm cartridges (and if you think a .380 if think it would be right for you - that too). I would rent a full size Glock, 1911, XDm, and a S&W M&P. These are some good quality pistols. If you find one of these and you like it and shoot it well, then look for models that will fit your concealment preference. All the models that i have suggested can be had in smaller packages. there are other pistols that you may want to try...that's ok.

one thing i would think about: concealing a pistol is not so hard if it is thin. a short frame (top to bottom) is more comfortable to carry. I think too many people want short barrels, when it is easy to conceal a 4.25" barrel.

once you have picked you pistol...get a great holster. do not skimp on quality when it come to a belt and holster.

Look / rent a lightweight CCO 1911. Easy to shoot and carry. Pricey though.