Best Conceal Carry Pistol

I carry the s&w bodygaurd .380 in my front pocket/holster. I have a couple of 9's I carry from time to time, but the little BG is the most comfortable. Its made for close range, and that's what I want.

Alan in GA

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Ruger LC9sPro.....but....

My son and I handled the Glock 42 and 43 until he wound up with the 43 (9mm). We both agreed on going the 9mm route and I purchased a Ruger LC9sPro soon after. I LIKE this Ruger, but now after carrying it in my front pocket for 6 months I'm wondering if the almost 4 oz lighter weight and slightly smaller profile of a .380 Glock 42 or the Ruger 380 equivalent might be an easier carry?
As others have said, if it's not in your pocket or holster, and you left it in the truck,...not good. Easier to get stolen out of the truck as well.
Funny how ACTUALLY CARRYING a pistol for a period of time can change one's thinking.


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My main carry is a PT-111 Millennium Pro.
12+1. Light, slim, accurate and reliable.
I have heard GOOD things about the G2 but I don't have any experience with that one.
Taurus International makes really great firearms that won't break the bank.

Yep.. You can spend as much as you want (and I have, previously)
but this a FINE weapon available in several calibers.
Mine happens to be 9 Para.. thinking mil-surp would be available.
RONG on that one.

I probably would have went with the 9 anyway. The .40 S&W
is the same size with a loss of two rounds.

What you want is what you can carry and bring to position,
last, but more important: Hits where you shoot.
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Cool/cold weather, under shirt/jacket in waist band-1911
Warm weather, under shirt or pants/cargo pocket-357 snubbie.

I really like the snubbie...I load 38+P for target/fun shooting
and mid power 357 HP for carry....with 38+P ammo it is comfortable for wife to shoot/carry....
The gun I carry most often is a LCP. Florida is hot and a lot of days I'm wearing surf shorts and flip flops or similar. It's just so easy to carry and we don't often have to worry about penetrating thick coats or anything. If I am wearing more baggy cargo shorts then I usually have my Glock 19 or Kimber 1911 Pro Carry on me.


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I always have my Keltec 380 in my pocket. I bought my wife a Taurus 85 airweight .38 for Christmas. She & I both really like it. I'm thinking about getting myself one.


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glock 19. final answer. why do we keep doing this?

The 1911 crowd could say the same. I'm a member of their group and agree with them.

The wheelgun crows could also say the same. I'm a member of their group and agree....

When not packing a 1911 or wheelgun.....there's a G19 along for the ride.

Lots of options available to us and that's the great thing. I completely agree with posters in this thread who say it's the one you have with you that trumps any number of them that you leave at home. Good holsters and belts certainly make it much easier.

Be safe folks.


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Taurus PT111 G2 in my holster. Packed with Speer Gold Dot 124gr. Size of a Chihuahua with the bite of a Rottweiler.


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I switch mine up sometimes. S&W .38 spl airweight,,, Beretta 950 .25 cal but have really been enjoying the Ruger LCP 2.


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Kimber Ultra Carry II chambered in 45 Caliber for Me!!

I've given the 380 LCP to most of my family as gifts...things CensoredCensoredCensoredCensored near fit in a watch pockets..easy!
I'm sure this has been hashed out on here before, but if you don't mind lets go through the exercise again. I'm not a huge pistol guy, but I am looking to get a pistol for conceal carry. I have a few including a S&W 38 I take now if feel the need to carry, but I would like to go mid-sized semi over a snub nose. Anyway, all recommendations are welcome. I have looked a quite few and have a couple in mind, but I would like to get the thoughts from you guys that have a lot of experiences with a lot of different models.'s been more than 5 months....just wondering if you made any decisions and how it's going ?

Hopefully you are getting more range time with yours than I am, lol.


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I bought an XDm 3.8 40 S&W for carry, and I do carry it, but the one gun that I carry the most is my Keltec PF9 wrapped in a Desantis Cozy Partner. It has proven to be reliable and it eats Federal HST like I eat candy bars.

I bought a Glock 43 for the wife, added a Taran Tactical +1 mag base. She shot it professed undying love for it, Sold it to one of her girlfriends and came home with a Shield .45 2 weeks later. When I met her she carried a Springfield 1911 (Commander). Her Dad has her convinced that calibers start at .45 and end at ACP. Oh well, at least she carries.



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Sig P238 with tritium fiber optics in the front pocket. Hot 380s are much better ammo than they used to be. A Browning black label 1911 is nice if you get the night site edition but you can't get tritium fiber optics for it and I won't carry a pistol without them.
Sig P238 with tritium fiber optics in the front pocket. Hot 380s are much better ammo than they used to be. A Browning black label 1911 is nice if you get the night site edition but you can't get tritium fiber optics for it and I won't carry a pistol without them.

I have heard about those P238 pistols for a few years now. I've never heard a complaint by their owners.

I thought it may be nice to add another weapon that I could easily pocket carry instead of the S&W 442 Airweight that I've used for years.

Went to the range to rent one.....they had the P938 9mm for a rental gun and I gave it a try. I also had my G43 along on that day, too.

I was very surprised to see that I shot that P938 as good if not better than the G43 that I've shot hundreds of rounds through. It was a very impressive little gun.

I liked the sight picture as it exactly matches my P226's....same sights, in fact.

I like the front strap checkering.

I wasn't so hot on the flush fit 6 round magazines.

I ordered one and finally took it on it's first range trip earlier this week.

7 yard targets. Three 7-round magazines fired in each target. You can see the nice tight cluster of the first magazine's rounds in the upper portion of this first target.

Second three magazines...picked up the pace significantly.

Third three magazines....Also faster soon as front sight comes back down...BOOM.

Transitioned to full size P226 which is one I highly recommend for full sized carry. I'm waiting on a holster to arrive in a week or so and this one will be used a lot more.

18 round magazine from this one, also at 7yds.

That P226 feels like a Cadillac in hand. Smooth shooter. As a 1911 & Glock guy.....I'm getting better with the DA/SA transition on this one. I'll be installing an SRT kit in later next week, I hope. It'll be interesting to see how it runs.

The pocket holster I'm using for the P938 is a Desantis SuperFly. It is very similar to the Nemesis I use for the 442, but it also has a velcro attached backing cover than can be moved all over to break up the printing in your pocket. It's a versatile little holster.

Huge difference in capability at ranges beyond swinging range in these two guns. The sights and trigger make a difference at extended ranges. I've missed snake with my 442, lol. Maybe I'll pick off the angry moccasins with the P938 now.:huh:

UPDATE: Should add that both of these pass the "drawstring gym pants" pocket carry test with ease.
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This an old post but still has merit.
My main carry is a S&W M&Pc in .40 S&W, I put a set of Ameriglo night sights on it a few years ago, these have a glowing yellow front/with tritium vial in the center. There is one smaller tritium dot centered just under the notch. These sights have really helped my old eyes see the front sight.
I have put considerable effort into smoothing the trigger. Now it is smooth and comes in about 6 pounds. Before that the trigger was so gritty and bad it was hard to keep shots on target. I will not change the trigger components in a CCW gun.
I find the .40 to have a snappy twisting recoil making it hard for fast follow up shots. I handload 180 grain Ranier HP's with 5.7 grains of Unique and shoot this pistol a lot. It will, if the shooter does his part, keep them all in the 10 ring of a 100 yards smallbore target at 10 yards. For carry I load Rem. Golden Saber 180's.
I have been carrying this pistol for many years now, my opinion is it is not the best choice for CCW. It is too big to hide easily and the .40 is too much for most people to shoot in a small gun.
I also carry my wifes LCR in .38 special if I need something quick to slide into a pocket. I don't like this one at all. I can't shoot with this trigger at all and the recoil hurts the web of my hand.
I think a smaller auto that has good sights and a decent trigger pull in 9mm or perhaps .380 would be a better choice for CCW.
The main reason I'm still totin that M&P is it's reliable. I have shot several brands of factory ammo and over a thousand rounds of my handloads without the first FTF, FTE, Stovepipe, or any other type problem. The pistol has never, not once, failed to fire when I pulled the trigger. And that is a good reason to continue to carry it.