Best Conceal Carry Pistol

I use a 4 tier system, starting with the gun I can hit best with and working down to one that's better than nothing based on what I can get by with without the gun being visible:

1) full size 1911
2) Glock 19
3) Sig 938
4) Ruger LCP


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I carry a Kel Tec PF9. I swapped out the plastic trigger for an aftermarket metal trigger as well as the springs. I've seen a few youtube videos that bash the gun but I have fired it with everything under the sun and have yet to have an issue. It's super small, lightweight and fits nicely in my waistband with the metal clip. I've got a Springfield XDm 3.8 40 that shoots great but is a little bulky to EDC. Like Pacecars wrote. The best EDC is a gun you carry every day. I have $1K pistols sitting in the safe, they won't do much good if I have to open the safe to get to them though. My thoughts are if I have to use the Kel Tec, I won't be out much when they take it as evidence and then it mysteriously gets missed placed in the evidence room.


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My carry gun is a Dan Wesson Guardian 1911 in .38 Super
I carry a glock 43, or Shield 45, or Kahr pm9. I love the Shield 45, but it doesn't hide as well as the Glock 43, when carried inside the pants. Kahr pm9 is the smallest of the three, but I'm not crazy about the double action trigger, which breaks all the way to the rear, with a long reset. Sniffing in the air over a Sig 365, but intent to wait a while before trying one ... at least until I spend some time, at the range, with one my friend just bought. The Glock 43 gets most of the work, this time of the year.
But that's just me...
My personal opinion is that it doesn't get much better then a shield in terms of control and comfort. I can shoot my shield as well as most of my full size guns and it's pretty small. There are sometimes though that I wish it was just THAT much smaller but then I'm sure you'd give up a little in the accuracy/control departments. I will probably buy a Sig to try before my renewal.