Best Place to Sell 5th wheel Camper

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Hi Fellas,
Just recently upgraded campers to a 40 foot w/4 slides - stays at my hunt club.
Pulled out my old camper and put it in storage locally. Was going to bring it down to the beach and leave it there for a part time vacation home. However, those plans changed when I bought a small beach house recently.

Where is the best place to sell a used 5th wheel camper?

Those RV trader sites get 90%+++ calls from other folks that want to "help sell your camper" nonsense.
I don't have FB.
CL might be an option. ---but so many shady folks.
I would prefer not to consign w/a dealer, unless their commission is reasonable.

If you have some experience, please share.
Thank you.
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CL. I have bought and sold many items on there without any problems. Demand cash only, no checks of any kind. Dont respond to long distance replys with *** stories. If a caller sounds at all suspicious, end your call. Good luck with your sale.


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Another vote for CL. The trick to CL is do not use email, and spell out your contact number.
Ex. 77zero. This will stop most spam and robocalls as they cannot decipher it.
Works for me anyways.
I like CL.

Require them to email a contact number and call them. Cuts way down on the replies. Do the closing at your bank with their cash. When the bank puts the cash in their counting machine it will flag any counterfeit bills.
When the cash is good sign the title and BOS and be on your way.

I don't have Facebook, but the marketplace seems popular by all accounts.


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Check with some local-to-you camper dealers. If your camper is new enough, some places will buy it outright. Been several years but when we sold ours, my wife had found several places that wanted our 5er. I got lucky and sold it to a guy I met at Home Depot after helping him find something for his old camper. Employee didn't have a clue and I just happened to know what he needed (can't remember what it was though). We got to talking campers and I told him I was about to put mine on the market. He came to look at it and bought it on the spot. :LOL:
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Thanks fellas.
Tis the season to sell campers..........
darn covid messed up my plans to sell in March/April. Think June could still be a good time.
I sold mine within a week on Facebook marketplace just a few weeks back. Might be worth creating an account just to sell the rig, then delete your account.
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Thanks fellas. An ad of CL and it was gone to the first person that looked at it.
Super simple transaction to a cool guy.

But believe me, got a plethora of stupid calls, texts and emails..................