Best Red dot for turkey guns


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I don’t think you would be disappointed.
Does anyone have experience with aim tech 870 picatinny mounts? I put one on my 870, due to not finding someone that could drill, tap, and mount a picatinny rail, and was wondering if anyone had any problems with it making the red dot lose it’s zero with turkey shells.
Check out Meadow Creek Mounts. It mounts/clamps around the vent rib. Greg Maher is a stand up guy with a great product. I started using his mounts on all my shotguns with vent ribs.... VERY easy to install.


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Probably not a popular answer, but I prefer the ‘ol truglo 30 mm to any of the high dollar ones I’ve owned or shot. They’re a true 1x, stay zeroed, and have never let me down.


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I mostly hunt turkeys with iron sights on a flintlock but when I do use a red dot on my Browning Maxus I use the Aimpoint 5000SC, I've had it for a long time and might have forgotten the product number. But it's a good one anyway.
Not the “best” by any stretch of the imagination. But, if you are looking for a low-cost introductory model to see if you like red dot sights, you should consider Feyachi. I picked one up last year after doing some reading on it. I put it on my daughter’s 20 gauge gun. Seems to work as expected with no issues thus far.