Best Skinning Knives

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Hey all, just wanted to get some input on skinning knives. I currently use several different knives for different purposes (replaceable blade for initial cuts & cheap browning skinner for everything else). My biggest frustration is the browning knife losing it's edge too quickly and having to constantly sharpen. Granted, i'm not using expensive knives with really quality steel but if you have any suggestions for knives that you love to use when skinning I would appreciate the input. Thanks all!


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Case Trapper. It's what my mentor started me on in 1965 and I haven't been without one since. Also use one of the wooden handled beaver skinners all the catalogs carry.
This is correct. I've had at least 1 Case Trapper at all times since 1982. I've skinned everything from squirrels to hogs and cleaned a bunch of fish with them too. The drop point blade on a trapper will do a good job gashing suckers too.