Best way to ask permission to hunt someone's land?


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Guess I have been fortunate over the years as I never ask anyone to hunt on their land. They ask me to hunt on their land. I have more places to hunt than I can hunt. Most are near the city limits and one is in the city limits. Picked up a great place last year only two miles out of town and it is bow only. I am 82 years old and looking forward to September and 98 deg. weather.


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This may not work for everybody, but if you want to offer something request permission to trap! You can say something like "I saw a black coyote in your field/pasture." Or "Everytime I pass here I see coyotes, do you mind or would you like for me to trap them?". Even better yet would be the presence of a beaver dam nearby and you request permission to trap them. This way you're killing several birds with one stone. You're offering a service. You can reconoitier for deer sign. You can see if anybody else is huntying the place. And that all important step that's already been mentioned - ESTABLISHING A RELATIONSHIP! I can't tell you how many doors trapping has opened for me


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I spent 18 years on one particular Dairy farm killing coyotes year round. I raised two boys working almost every "other" weekend there wielding busted farm equipment, plowing, planting, bailing hay, mending busted gates and fencing and putting up new fences...….After the hunt, or before fishing.

I was able to teach my boys valuable lessons for all those years, that otherwise, I would never have had, if the landowner had not treated me as family. He did so BECAUSE me and my boys worked our tails off year round.

Thru all those years, he would tell me about all the folks that approached him asking to hunt his farm. Some he knew, most were complete strangers "just dropping by"……….
He was always very offended by those that just dropped by. Especially realtors! (Ha Ha) After he asked them where they lived, he would tell them not a chance, have a nice day, and walk off.

My point here is to either offer to lease the land or offer some valuable service in return for the opportunity to enter his/her property.

If a stranger pulled into your driveway, got out of their car and asked to borrow your truck because they were moving, would you just hand them the keys?

Good luck.



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It’s tough just walking up to the door out of the blue but it can be done. It’s best to have something to offer that they want. I get a lot of mine from them calling me for gutter work. I check out the woods behind their house on google earth and boundary lines with HuntStand before I give them a price. If it looks good, they might get an free job offer ? It don’t take much land here. It just needs to be in the right place. I have several spots where I just clean their gutters every year and supply some processed deer. My processor makes a good living off me.
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