Big 10 starting football 10/24


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So scratch tOSU into the final four, their season is competition-free
You mean like in the Big12 for Oklahoma and the ACC for Clempsom. Thanks got it!;)


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Exactly. Now who's your 4th team?
Bama or the pups. Would love for it to be the pups but Kirby has to show me more. He has the talent but not sure on the scheme or intangibles to get it done?
Should an 8-0 team get in?
They won't. But after the BIGchamp game they would be 9-0 with 9 power 5 wins. No different then the SEC 8 game conference schedule every year and 4 cup cakes which usually also include 1 fcs school which is laughable.

This reply is not meant to imply the sec is weak just that once you peel the onion back most years the sec plays 8 conference games and a bunch of patsies.

This year is what it is


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Not being an SEC or a Big10’er, I’m taking a one loss SEC team with 10 wins. I think you have to, even if OSU may be the better team.