Big Bass+Big Stripers=Awesome Morning! (Video)

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I'd say today was the best day I've ever had on Lanier for topwater. I've had days with lots of numbers but not too many big fish. Today the big guys were out and eating. I think the north wind helped by providing a little chop on the surface. Last week the winds were calm for most of the week and it was hard to fool the bigger bass with the glassed over surface. Today the light chop had them fooled. I caught so many stripers I lost count and the same with the bass. I culled a good # of bass this morning. The stripers put on a show very early and the by mid morning the bigger bass showed up on the points. I didn't have to sight fish for most of the bass, I caught the majority by just making long blind casts, waking, rattling and walking the bait back to the boat on points.
Originally, my plan was to target larger surfacing bass but I ran across some stripers early and worked them over pretty good, with the highlight being one nice striper very close to 20lbs. I got just a little bite of video of him with my remaining battery power.
All in all it was a great morning with a light north breeze and some lower humidity. Surface temps were around 77 when I left them biting a 11am. Here's a video of a few of the fish and some blow-ups. Most of my bass were caught later in the morning so I didn't get much video of the bass till I recharged and videoed the released at the dock. Some of the big bass blow-ups were incredible this morning.

Cletus T.

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OH BOY……that looks like a ton of fun. You can’t beat a solid topwater bite like that!!!!

Awesome video…..thanks for sharing it with us!

Jeff C.

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Way to go get'em! :cool:
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Thanks guys, it was just awesome this morning. Hopefully they'll make a topwater appearance for ya'll this evening Mike.

I had to leave them biting after I caught the last big one. One thing that was very noteworthy is that I had 2 big stripers come up and try to eat the smaller bass I was catching on two different occasions. I tried to leave the bass out away from the boat to hook the big striper but I think the big stripers were a bit leery of the yellow Vixen hanging out of the basses mouth. I was surprised the big striper I caught didn't snap the 8lb mono but I haven't lost one yet. The topwater saga continues....
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Lanier Jim

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Awesome Jim!


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Awesome video Jim!! Man, you keep catching them like that and your cove is going to be LOADED with nice spots!!

Sweet Striper too!
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Thanks again guys. Steve, I don't know if those bass are still hanging around in our cove, but I've probably released about two dozen keepers back there. When I came back to the dock yesterday, there was a giant bait ball of threadfins just spinning around in front of my dock so the eating is good in the cove.

On another note, this week I am putting our striper boat and bass boat up for sale on boat trader. The striper boat is a 2005 21 ft caro skiff w/ a 115 Johnson and loaded with extras and it's going to be priced at 7500. The little lowes that you always see us in is going to be priced at 4k. Man, that Lowes is going to make a great bass boat for someone. The striper boat will be a great boat for some striper fisherman. It's boated a lot of fish over the years and still runs like a top. The GPS has over 400 personal waypoints on Lanier, Clarks Hill, Murray, Hartwell and West Point.
We need to make room for a newer bass boat. We're going to look at this baby today.


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We flung topwater last night and only had one decent roll to show for it. Didn't take it, just rolled by it.

I think the fishing is better in the mornings because the surface temp has a chance to fall back into the comfort range. It's a tad higher than I'd like to see it for surface to be happening late in the day.

We got two decent ones and a dink. Shaded docks and rocks for all.
You've under-priced your skiff Jim!!! I've probably spent 150-200 hours fishing out of that boat and it has never let us down. If i had the money i would have just posted "Skiff is SOLD"!!! Someone will be very happy with that boat.
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Mike, hate to hear ya'll didn't find any good topwater fish last night but at least you got a few nice fish. You're right, it is more of a morning bite on top.
You've under-priced your skiff Jim!!! I've probably spent 150-200 hours fishing out of that boat and it has never let us down. If i had the money i would have just posted "Skiff is SOLD"!!! Someone will be very happy with that boat.
Brett, you've probably spent more time in my skiff than anyone else except for Lisa, but there's been quite a few riders over the years. It's been a great boat and you're right, she never let us down. I just changed the plugs and took it out on the lake Monday. Still runs up and down the lake like a new one. It's a striper fishing machine and with all those waypoints and goodies, somebody is going to do well with it. I'd like to see it win a few more striper tournaments, I know she's got a few more wins in her.

The Nitro Z9 we looked at today was a wash. It was used by a pro I won't name, but he trashed it out pretty bad. Wasn't really taken care of at all. A lot of dings and a new power head with 3 hours on it, not worth the money. My bass boat search continues.
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That stinks, looking at that boat in the picture it looks nice.
Yea, Bass Pro and Tracker really pulled the wool over my eyes with that boat. It was up at Nashville Bass Pro at the tracker dealership. When I called them, they said they had just got the boat in and it was very popular so I needed to act fast. When we got there yesterday, the first thing we noticed was scratches, dirt and dings all over it. Then they told me that they have had the boat for about 8 months now and it hasn't sold yet. It was given to a pro to use by BPS and he used it alright. He tore it up. It was a big waste of our time.