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Here's something to brighten up your Monday! A collection of pictures of some pre-spawn HAWGS!! I hope you all have been getting just as much success as I have this season. So far I have successfully landed 16 largemouth bass over 5lbs this year from various lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and public access areas since pre-spawn started in early February last month. Next comes the bed fishing! I've made it my mission to catch at least 2 bass over 8lbs and at least 1 over 10lbs this year! All these fish were caught on a combination of certain conventional bass lures and big swimbaits. Feel Free to post your big fish you've landed so far this season! I've already caught even more big ones than last season! It's going to be a great year!!


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Big swimbaits WORK!! Don't Be Afraid To throw an 8 inch trout colored Swimbait or a 10 inch glide bait!! These things don't "only work in California"! Anywhere there are big Bass, you can catch them on a big Swimbait! You can throw a 9 inch bull shad in the same place the last guy threw a spinnerbait and catch the 7-8lber he missed! Throw them and DON'T STOP throwing them! Even if they don't eat that huge lure, they still show themselves, and you now have an address. One Of The Best Decisions I've Ever Made Bass Fishing!


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This Last picture isn't actually a big fish, it was under 5lbs, but I'm using it just to drive home the point about big swimbaits. Even A 3-4lber will hit them, but when you get bit, generally it's 6lbs+. That fish ate a white keitech swing impact FAT 6.8 inch on a owner beast 8/0 Swimbait hook. The other Pics are of two different glide bait options. On the cheap end at $25 you have the savage gear shine glide which was a dead ringer for those shad that they were eating. On the high end at a value of $200 (or more if you have an OG model and not the "new" version) is the Deps 250 slide swimmer. LEGENDARY Swimbait made famous in California by butch brown. This one is right up there in popularity with the 8 inch Huddleston.


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Do you retrieve slowly or provide some action to the swimbaits? I just bought a few of the soft plastic type, but haven't broken them out yet.
I always fish the soft plastic ones slower. At most, I'll chuck and wind them back like a spinnerbait, but I usually slow roll them. The hard Swimbaits and glide baits I usually fish faster and more aggressively. Especially when fish are actively feeding. Also be sure to include A few pauses during your retrieve
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Awesome catches!
I plan on fishing for a big un in very private water tomorrow. I lost the biggest bass I have ever seen there, it was surely over 12.
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Haven't broke my pb this year with any of these catches yet, but the biggest so far was just a little under 8lbs on a spinnerbait. If I could take my best guess, if I'm going to reach the goals I set, it's going to be on a big Swimbait, a jig, or some kind of big plastic worm or creature bait.
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Man yeah! Congrats. I love fishing swim baits and have done well on them but you ain't talking me out of a big spinner bait :cheers:
Just got two 3/4oz big double willow spinnerbaits with huge blades on them. #7 blade on the back like you'd use for pike or musky. Looks great in the water but blades so big they cast like garbage. I mastered spinnerbaits last year. One of my Top confidence baits in shallow water and around cover. Especially on cloudy and windy days.