Big Hamburger!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Man Is this a "WHOPPER" or what???????

::huh: ::huh:

Ya think we can have some of these at the Cookout????


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Looks like a Krystal burger compared to some my family puts together! *L*
I eased up the street for lunch to this new joint "The Depot" that opened 2 blocks up from the office. It's supposed to be an "Up Scale" steak house and comedy club, and one of the new beer joints in town now that we are a LBTD town. Near as I can tell they need to get the instructions on that burger. Anytime you have to take 3 bites of a burger before you get to the meat, they's something out of kilter somewhere.

It took 10 minutes for the waitress to come get my order, 30 minutes to cook my burger and fries, 20 minutes for her to bring the check, 5 minutes for her to pick up the thing and 10 minutes to bring back my change. :mad:

Really, I was scouting out the joint for tomorrow night when they are supposed to have 3 unknown to anyone comedians and a dj. I asked how much it cost since the wife really wanted to go to it. He said $95. I said per couple? ::huh: He said, "No, Each." :eek:

You'd think Larry the Cable Guy is going to be there.

Dawn2Dusk said:
And you get on to me for putting 9 slices of turkey and 6 slices of cheese on one sandwiche!!!
Only cause it was my turkey and cheese....and bread!

Guy's heres the story of whats in this beast of a burger HT2 just sent it i hope it posts Where's the beef?
It's at a Pennsylvania pub that serves the world's
biggest burger - weighing in at NINE lip-smacking pounds! You can actually get this meat monster for $23.95, loaded with all the "fixins"... two whole tomatoes, a half-head of lettuce, 12 slices of American cheese, a full cup of peppers, two entire onions PLUS a river of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.
Denny's Beer Barrel Pub is also renowned for its 6 lb. burgers.
National and local newspapers have reviewed the burger and its main appeal seems to be...
Maybe we need to sent rpaul on a scouting trip.

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