Biggest hog you’ve ever had on camera

They because very smart to reach that size.


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Largest I've shot, 340 pounds. This hog came at me out of a thicket, dropped him at ten yards. Largest one trapped, he got into a small trap, he was so large he couldn't move the sun killed him before we got there same day. He had to be over 300, and we had a time getting him out of the trap.


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Think about how much Food those jokers ate,to get that big & how many Deer & Turkey it robbed of food.! Not even going to bother posting pics of my little 200 pounders…😂👍
I went yesterday to fill feeders and change batteries in cameras and this big boy has walked the whole club over. He has been on every feeder and food plot there the past couple days. In all the pics of him he don’t look over 200lb but I’ve never seen a 200lb hog with a track this big.



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No trail cam pix, just remember some huge ones on the lands we hunted Carolina side of the Savannah NWR in the late 80's / early 90's.
Killed several over 200, with a 297 as my biggest. Seen some that were lots bigger.
Seen other stuff in/around the NWR swamps/marshes that was real interesting as well.