Binocular recommendations.

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I’m in search of a new pair of binoculars. Looking for a mid size to wear into stand and while stalking. Would like them to be great quality with clear glass. Willing to spend between $150-275 if need be.


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My inlaws bought me a pair a few years ago. Bushnells i believe. they have a nation autobon society stamp (????) on them for bird watchers. I love them. very clear.

Long story short, bird watchers seem to know good set of binos. Id go looking here for recommendations if i ever need another pair.
Ive had a pair of Nikon Monarch 8x42 binos for years.

If something happened to them today id replace them with the same. I have 10 x 42 binos for out west. For the thick Ga. woods. There to big, heavy & field of view to narrow. Now if you hunt alot of big ag fields. Id get 10 x 42.
Check out Meade I am on my second set (lost the first) they are well within your price range. And glass quality is great. Much better than the price point. You won't be disappointed. Outfitter friends that use superglass were impressed.
I have the Celestrons recommended by the Cornell Department of Ornithology for around $100 and I cant tell the difference from my Vortex Diamondbacks. I would be disappointed if I had paid full price for the Diamondbacks and they are great. There may be some advantage to the Diamondbacks I am not aware of yet or am too dumb to notice but the glass and build seems to be of equal quality. The Diamondback had a nicer storage case and is camo vs. green.