Biting Flies

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We just spent a week at Carrabelle RV resort and our biggest complaint was the biting flies while we were trying to eat outside and relax under the awning. Is there a remedy or a bug spray to use to deter these little devils? We had a thermacell and two citronella candles going and it didn’t do anything.


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They have been bad! Deer flies and yellow flies are unfazed by therma cells and citronella. Deep woods off maybe....not real far from ya, chased me off a creek! 20210606_164358.jpg
That area of Florida is terrible for Yellow Flies and Deer Flies. I've seen a few videos of DIY traps made of painting a beachball black and painting it with something sticky.


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They've been bad up here this year, too.


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They were really bad at SGI State Park the first week of June. I had red bite marks all over my legs when I got home
Going camping at SGI has always been a yearly tradition for our family. But after the last couple of years I don't know if we will go back anytime soon. Between the mosquitoes and yellow flies it was almost unbearable. Ive never in my life seen mosquitos so thick and I've spent my entire 47 years of life in the outdoors. When the sun starts setting, you could not be outside the camper unless you were moving. And even then you'd still get worn out, just not as bad. And we had it, spray, candles, smoky campfires, and it made little difference.


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They are bad everywhere this year. I'm gonna blame Joe & Kamala. They are supposed to be in charge.
I quit a job because of those little green devils one time. They were so bad around Mattamuskeet, NC one year, I would catch 2 or 3 every time I'd close my compass in that swampy mess.


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We have been covered up with them at the house in Kentucky. This year is the worst that we have had them in a long time. A box fan or two is the only thing that we have found that makes front porch sitting bearable lately. Hoping that the jokers go away soon.