Black-bellied Whistling Duck


...just joking, seriously.
Which lake or area of the state? County?
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They are on a private tract in Bibb County. I need to take a good camera and get a good pic of them. Yesterday I got within 20 yds of them. I guess they don't see me as a threat... like the coots we have. They've accepted that I'm fishing and I'll soon pass them by.


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They seem to be pretty adaptable. We've got a pair nesting in a retention pond at the Georgia Ports Authority, between a main gate and the administration building. The traffic doesn't seem to bother them at all.

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First started seeing them about 4 years ago. Just a pair here and there. Now, man, they have exploded in population. This is Jefferson and Leon counties. I've seen them take over WD boxes on the big lake too.

And yes, they are very vocal when in flight.


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Anyone know whether or not they aggressively compete with wood ducks for nesting cavities? Gil


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Anyone know whether or not they aggressively compete with wood ducks for nesting cavities? Gil
From what I’ve seen, they seem to take over every wood duck box they can.

From my discussions in the past with the duck biologists they don't seem to overlap in use of boxes most of the time. Seems wood ducks nest first and then the black bellies nest.
When I worked on the coast with GADNR, we would clean out the duck boxes and by mid-summer there would be upwards of 25-35 eggs in some boxes. BBWD’s are prolific dump-nesters. I do agree though that if the boxes are cleaned out properly from the prior year, the wood ducks will clutch and sometimes double clutch before the BBWD ever even get started.
There are BBWD nest records now as far north as Illinois and Nebraska.
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Update: No ducklings, so the pair I've been seeing must just be "hanging out" together. LOL. Still see them about every time I go to property. Last Friday went alligator hunting and right at dark seen 25 to 30 more flying by.