Black powder ?

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Shoot a old t c harken , have not shot it in several years, remem

ber using 2 ff black powder. Looking at my powder i have 7 pounds of 3 fff b
ut no 2 ff. Can I start out light and use the 3 fff of do I need to get 2ff? I shoot maxi ball.
Yes as Railroader says you can use 3F in a rifle if you reduce the charge. But just out of curiosity what was your load when you used 2F powder? I’ve seen guys use very heavy charges of 100-120 grains of powder assuming more is better. I don’t recommend using anywhere near that amount with 3F. It supposedly creates a lot higher pressure which could cause damage to you or your gun. I rarely see anyone use over 60-70 grains of 3F in a rifle.
Im not trying to tell you what to do but just a word of caution in case you weren’t aware.
Lots of people use 3f, they claim it leaves less residue which makes subsequent shots easier to load.

What I was told long ago was to work up two loads. Start at the low end and work up until you find the load that gives the best accuracy and use that for smaller game. Then start at the top and work down until you find the load that gives good accuracy while also giving enough energy to take larger game.

I haven't hunted enough to cause me to actually do either. My first rifle I used 30 grains for plinking (minimum) load in the manual. The manual on the second one told me to use at least 50 but honestly I don't see the point. It shoots just fine at 30.