Black powder

Does PA still have a Flintlock season? I hunted it once years ago.

Yes we have two. First is just an early muzzleloader, doe only week currently going on. Any muzzleloader is permitted during this early season.
We also have an "after Christmas " flintlock season which allows for buck or doe, provided the applicable tag has yet to be filled, but this is restricted to flintlocks only.

Our flintlock season runs concurrent with archery and late firearm seasons, which are doe only, an exception not requiring blaze orange, and the harvesting of a buck going to flintlock. While the firearm late season requires the blaze orange mandate to be followed, the flintlock is considered a traditional season, and the reason no blaze orange is required. It would be wise to at least wear a blaze hat on public land however.
Not a fan of blaze orange but I’ll wear it on public land during Muzzleloaders season and general gun seasons or not go.

I’m also blazeorangeaphobic!

I have no choice during any gun season except flintlock after Xmas, and during that season I don’t wear it unless I’m hunting a SGL.

If I travel more than 50 yds from the truck I need my ATV to get in and out, and to drag at any distance.
I figure if they can’t hear my King Quad and shoot my way, they deserve the same reaction I would give them if I’m wearing a few hundred inches of the blaze’s intentional and self defense is an option.

You don’t have to wear blaze during deer season in Georgia?
I don’t what y’all got against blaze orange, I wear a hat and usually a vest over a leafy wear jacket on public land and private. If I have a rifle I hunt on the ground 95% Of the time. I don’t use a blind other than sitting up against a root ball or something. Seldom shoot 100 yards. I have all my deer killed before the leaves fall. I let a ton of them walk. Killed a grown 7 point at 40 yards in the open hardwoods Saturday evening On WMA. I been shot at enough....don’t want no more.::gone:. It ain’t the orange that gets you busted.
Yes in muzzleloading and general gun seasons. I probably didn’t express myself in a way that would make someone question one way or the other. Lot of pain today so thinking ain’t to clear.
I play by the rules. If the regs say wear it, I do, if it gives me a choice I don’t.

My problem with blaze is the same as wearing a seat belt, it should be my choice, not some legislator who doesn’t know which end of the gun is dangerous, yet believes itself qualified to force their ideas, right or wrong, on us.

So far it sounds to me like down there you still have a freedom of choice, up here we don’t. Yet you make rational choices anyway.

I object to having my freedom of choice compromised.
I wouldn't say we have much freedom of choice down here when it comes to blaze orange.
The archery (first season) is the one with a little freedom of choice. Blaze orange is not required.
Next is a one week muzzle loader season and blaze orange is required
The regular deer season, from late October until mid January, it is a requirement that you wear your blaze orange.
Scattered around the state are numerous WMA hunts with various requirements. It pays to really check out the regs. for each hunt.
In a nutshell; If firearms will be used then blaze orange will be required.

Back when they first started with the blaze orange requirements I hated it and tried to figure out ways to get around it. But now it's been decades and I go with the flow. I just wear it and don't worry about it. I also feel much safer out in the woods with all the idiots out there.
Yesterday afternoon I was set up next to a cut corn field on the ground, no blind, just a low hieght deadfall near heavy cover.

About 5:30 I spot two adult doe coming from an unexpected direction, heading to the field, but very cautious. At about 25 feet from me they disappear behind a giant oak between us, and I decide to ajust my postition so the flintlock is pointed the right way.

You guessed it! After 60 years of hunting deer I commited that fatal mistake, and moved without verifying they couldn't see me. They had been keeping an eye on that lighte colored patch next to the deadfall, (blaze hat & full vest), all the way up the trail, and glanced again while I moved. Busted!

Five minutes later they're back! But 35yards down hill, across the property line, (can't shoot across the line), blowing every few seconds, but looking down hill. I am wondering if I spooked them, or something else. Either way, without blaze, during bow season, I've had deer walk past at 20 feet and pay no attention at all. I think the blaze was making them too cautious.

Maybe this afternoon it will be my turn to win.
When fabric is finished the manufacturers use UF brightener. That is what really makes blaze orange pop. Try washing hunting clothing in plain water. I also prefer the "camo" orange as it helps break up the silhouette.
When fabric is finished the manufacturers use UF brightener. That is what really makes blaze orange pop. Try washing hunting clothing in plain water. I also prefer the "camo" orange as it helps break up the silhouette.

My blaze orange is also blaze camo, and it does help conceal it at a little distance. They still see it as a lighter color gray than your other clothing and the backdrop.

Getting rid of the UV brighteners on the other hand is pretty simple. Atsko sells a product call "UV Killer", and after washing the clothing in a detergent without UV brighteners, you spray the garmet down with UV Killer, let it dry, then wash it a second time in the dye free detergent. This blocks the UV the manufactuer made it with. If your wife, or MIL washes you hunting clothes for you, after the obligatory jumping up and down, screaming, hollaring, and threatening is over, (to discourage future help), you can reapply the UV Killer.