Blackfish or Bowfin

Never heard a Bowfin refereed to as a Black fish. Mud fish yes.

Go google black fish. There are a bunch of different species from around the world that are commonly called that.
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I grew up calling em blackfish. Younger folks seem to call them bowfins. I've heard the "mudfish" mentioned above. I gigged one later in the day, but it was about as big as this one... pulled loose and bent my gig.


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Mudfish in SC and I have heard them called Blackfish here in NC..Prehistoric species I think I have read, they been around for a longggg time...


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Blackfish,Cypress Trout,Bowfin,Lake Lawyer,Grinnel. I grew up calling them Blackfish.


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Whatever species you decide to call 'em, be sure and lip 'em . .
Lip one and you will lose a few fingers. We used to hold blackfish tournnament to try to get them out of small lakes. Standard equipment was a claw hammer. For knocking them out. They will come toward the boat with ease until they see it, then hang on.
Grindle, mudfish,Choupique, bowfin, Amia clava...