Blackfish or Bowfin

I recall someone posting a video recently, I think it was for those. And how nasty they tasted.

I recall it being mudfish, but perhaps I am mistaken.

( video was of buggy fishing with family, and taking one home and cooking)


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The smaller ones aren't bad eating at all. We used to soak them overnight in salt water then cook them the next day. The bigger Mudfish make good fertilizer..

Jim Boyd

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Great fighters.

Used to find tidal influenced pools in the lower Ogeechee river and would wear them out. Used every lure in the tackle box that had never caught a darn thing just to say we caught something on that lure!


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I've always wanted to catch one of those. Really cool, prehistoric critters.


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Grinnel - that's what we have always called them. Caught a lot of them in beaver ponds when I was younger. Largest weighed 17 pounds and caught it on a crappie minnow. Gave it to an old fellow who was fishing along the creek that fed the beaver pond. You would have thought I gave him a million dollars! Wish I had a picture of that dinosaur, but MAN that was a LOOOOONG time ago!


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Shaw Grigbsy, BASS Pro, lipped one on television in a tournament in Florida. He didn't loose any digits, but lost some meat and skin. I remember him discussing it after the event. It was deep in the pads and he couldn't see it well enough to determine it wasn't a bass. What a disappointment that must have been! He said he would never lip another fish that he couldn't identify.


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Don't ever lip a chain pickerel(jackfish) either, I'll let you guess how I know.


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Have caught some large one's. Mud fish is what we always called then down in Florida. Some years ago, a friend ask me to catch fish for a Friday supper he had scheduled for some high class friends. Preparing to cook what I had caught and cleaned, he said. That's not enough fish. That's when I told him there was about a nine pound mudfish left on the bank down by the river. We retrieved the mudfish, filleted it, then fried it along with the rest. Cooked up a beautiful golden color. As the friends were enjoying the meal. One lady ask the friend. What kind of fish is this, talking about the mudfish fillets. He said, ask Son, he caught the fish. I replied. Cypress Bass. Then the lady said, it was some of the best fish she had ever eaten. So, remember, it's Cypress Bass.


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My Dad, who never wasted anything, would cook big mudfish.

Skin it, soak it, parboil it, pick it, and fry like salmon patties.

They were good eatin'!

Of course, with enough pepper, onion, Old Bay, and Frank's Red Hot, you can eat just about anything.. lol.


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Grinnel, backwaters of AR were full of them. Caught a bunch while cat fishing.