Blackfish or Bowfin

Have caught some large one's. Mud fish is what we always called then down in Florida. Some years ago, a friend ask me to catch fish for a Friday supper he had scheduled for some high class friends. Preparing to cook what I had caught and cleaned, he said. That's not enough fish. That's when I told him there was about a nine pound mudfish left on the bank down by the river. We retrieved the mudfish, filleted it, then fried it along with the rest. Cooked up a beautiful golden color. As the friends were enjoying the meal. One lady ask the friend. What kind of fish is this, talking about the mudfish fillets. He said, ask Son, he caught the fish. I replied. Cypress Bass. Then the lady said, it was some of the best fish she had ever eaten. So, remember, it's Cypress Bass.
Lol, that's crazy.
Always called em mudfish or bowfin. Still catch em from time to time. Have caught em on minnows, shiners, cut bait, and even plastics. Fun to catch!

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Is it a invasive species?
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Just posted a pic of an 8 lb one I caught last week in the Bragging Board thread.


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We would filet them, cut the filets into strips, then wash the strips with water and pat them dry. Then we’d batter and fry the strips. Great eat’n fish. You can’t freeze the meat. Everytime we froze then thawed and cooked, the meat would become cottony and swell as you chewed it.