Blackshear 4-6-21 and 4-7-21


Fished the last two days, caught ALOT of small crappie, but managed a few keepers, catfish are starting to heat up, only going to get better.

Water Temps are 66 in the morning to 71 in the afternoon, water looks good south of the railroad trestle, heavy stained north of it. Crappie are scattered and were biting anything with blue in it.

Plus everybody and their brother was out on the water jet skiing and pleasure boating...I guess folks dont work anymore. Lake was stirred up good by 2 pm and shut down fishing.

Tough fishing, but I got enough for a few fish taco's and to fry up, and it beat working.

And if you don't have a Millennium seat yet, get one! They are super comfortable for all day fishing.

4-6-21 catch

4-7-21 catch


Crappie were in 5-10 ft of water. The 5 I caught today was caught on crickets (lol..first time I have had that happen) fishing for bream to use as cut bait.

Catfish were on the flats next to the channel ledge in 15-20 ft of water


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Lol, take a few days off to fish and its Spring Break...just my luck.
It was so busy the other day I had to put in at the back of swift creek instead of the 300 bridge and fight people that don't comprehend no wake zones under the 300 bridge, so just my luck too ???

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