Blackstone cookin and Recipes


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In the club!!!! Walked into Wal Mart today and they had a new (rear grease trap) 36” already assembled. I’m guessing it was mislabeled because I bought it for $184!!!!!! I’m so excited
That's a heck of a good deal. Welcome to the club.


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You got one heck of a deal there! congrats and welcome to club Blackstone.

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Looking hard at these...... Walmark had a big un for $196. %00+ CI cooking spane. If I had to guess 28-32" wide and 16" deep. Just a guess.


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wallyworld up here had their Blackstone accessories on clearance yesterday. so if you need anything might want to keep a eye out !


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Thought I'd post this Mexican Discada Recipes collection for the Blacksone. It's a safe PDF file from my own PC.


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Wife promoted me into the Blackstone club for Christmas. The trick was to throw some hints earlier in the year about cooking her some Waffle House style hashbrowns, grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes. Got the 28" ProSeries model w/ hard cover. Can't wait to get this sucker running.


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I precook the rice and chill it in the fridge. Then put some butter on the griddle and dump it on there. Dump an egg on there and scramble it and mix it in. Cook the shrimp and whatever else you want squirt a lemon on them, mix it in with the rice, add some soy sauce, black pepper, and whatever other seasonings you want. Very simple and quick, but good.

This is how it is done. After you steam the rice, add butter. Stir it up to break up the rice. Wait until it hits room temp, cover it, throw it in the fridge over night. When you get ready to cook it, break the rice apart with your hands. This entire process gets rid of the stickiness. Once you take it to a griddle, hit the griddle with oil, make a hole in the rice, add butter. Add peas and carrots. And add a Japanese ingredient called hondashi, which is a dried bonito seasoning. Finish it with soy when it's almost done. Soy burns so you don't want too much on the grill for too long.

Hooked On Quack

Any of ya'll know about the air fryer in the newer griddles ??


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After a whole lot of back and forth I got myself a 22in for my tailgate camp stove. Will probably use it just as much around the house as I will camping. Loving it so far. Got it seasoned up and so far I’ve made cheesesteaks, breakfast burritos, quesadillas and smash burgers. Everything’s turned out awesome 581092BC-6F77-43DA-95BE-CAEB7C14425B.jpeg


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Have not used the black stone since the winter. Cover git bent and rain water got in. Went to open the blackstone and rust was everywhere. Took and hour with a wire wheel and sanding wheel to get the rust off. Got her seasoned again. The first meal was back swish mushroom burgers. Good to have the blackstone back.


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