Blake Report !!!

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Blake went to Egleston today for his 6 month check-up. He came back with a clean cancer in him anywhere. This six month check-up was a huge milestone in his progress. The doctors said that the chances of it coming back after this long were very slim....God is great!!


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Now THERE is some holiday cheer!!!

Aaron, that is just such wonderful news! What a fighter! :yeah:
Here's hoping for a long long lifetime of healthy happy times together! :clap:
He is amazing.... ::;
Hunt/fish safely,


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Now that is a super CHRISTmas present. Thank the Lord for his mercy and healing of Blake!
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Outstanding News Aaron

Thanks for the update :clap: :clap:



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I'm proud of Blake and honored to know a young man with the strength it takes to beat such a terrible thing! He has been an inspiration to us all for a long time!

Congratulations to you to Aaron and the rest of your family for fighting along his side!!!

That is a great Christmas message!!!
Hey Aaron

I live in Covington and have heard many prayer requests for your son,at Gaithers,Sharon Baptist,County Line,Flat Rock and others I have visited locally with friends and family.You may be known for your fishing,but I know God knows Blake and his needs intimately through the prayers of thousands in our local area,and in our outdoor family.I have watched with interest the benefit tournaments and other things that have made myself and many others love and pray for your son even though we have never met him,and to hear this good news boosts the faith of everyone that ever said a prayer for him......Thanks for giving God the glory,for even with the best doctors can offer,nothing compares to the healing power of God.Thank you for the oppurtunity to have been a witness to tis blessing....God continue to bless you and yours,and all of us.....donnie
That is wonderful news and what a Christmas gift :yeah:

Way to go Blake :clap:


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That's the best news I've heard all day Aaron!!! I know this has been a life-transforming experience for you and your family, and I am so thankful you are able to celebrate this phase with the family here at Woody's. Give Blake a big hug from the preacher, and know that our prayers continue to surround you all for continued good reports -- (Now, Blake - Go play with that dog of yours :))
Merry Christmas to the Batson Family!!!!!!

That is the best Christmas present y'all could get I'm sure.

Wonderful news Aaron and Blake!!!!