BLM demands......😄


...just joking, seriously.
Ain't happenin...

They ought to go with something a little more realistic.


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1. money
3. Prostitutes

What could possibly go wrong?
“Diversity is our strength” 🤔
The are emboldened now, even major corporations somehow support their movement..Biden might just honor a lot of those, especially #1


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This is no joke folks.
A little Biology lesson !

Human life per Darwin originated in Africa ! There for we all are untitled to this.
Money fuh nuthin'

Chicks fuh free
Why not just give them New York, California and then have at it? Build a wall around those states and let them figure it out? I’d donate for the wall...
I’d be all for this or for complete control of some of the big cities. The wall is a must! Walled cities would be more affordable than walled state lines.
Not BLM. M4BL. Movement for Black Lives. From their About page, among other things:

We are anti-capitalist:
We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.

These movements are being informed, funded and driven by Marxists.