Bloodhound/Bird Dog mix pups

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I only have 4 and im asking $25.00 a piece for them! But if you cant afford, there Free! Merry christmas!! And they are ready to go... The 3 black ones are males, and the Tan one is the only Female!


I was really hoping to here from you Before Christmas Day. You can text me at that cell number also if that is easer. I'm looking for a puppy to train for tracking and with the combination of Bird Dog/Blood Hound they should have a good nose. I said male earlier but the female would be ok also. Let me know if you have changed your mind and plan on keeping them so I can continue looking. Thanks
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Im in White/Pine Log area! You can call if needed! 770 383 3465.
I wanted to say thank you for the puppy. Christmas morning my wife and I awoke to no power in the house and water on the kitchen floor. We went outside we found shingles missing off the roof. Our utility shed was 300yds down the street and about 50 feet of chain link fence looked like it was hit by a car. Things were not starting out so good for it being Christmas Day. Everything went better from there. We spent the morning at our Grandson's house which was great then went to their other grandmother’s house for breakfast. After that Robin called so we headed to her place. I had pretty much made my mind up to try a get a male puppy but when I got there the little female looked at me from the top of the steps and started wagging her tail while the males took off with their mama. I was taught that a dog will pick their master and she had chosen me. I named her Sadie Mae. I just want to say thank you once again for our new addition and let you know she has gone to someone who will take good care of her. I also want everyone to know that there a few males left that are going to be some beautiful dogs and If you are interested one might choose you.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Mine Was!!!
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Awww! That is wonderful! I hope you enjoy her! I still have 2 males left! Come back and see us anytime! =)
I was able to get the female. I took her to the veterinarian on Monday to start her shots and they said she was in excellent health. She is one smart little puppy and I am so thankful for her. She is adjusting very well to her new home and she is quite an addition to our family. I would personally recommend the puppies to everyone. Thanks again robinleeanne.
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Sorry! The female is gone! I still have 2 males! Im in North Ga! Close to Cartersville, Ga!