Blue Ridge Lake on Fire! Walleye, Smallmouth, White Bass, Spots, Rainbows

That's a great report. I fished that lake hard before the spots arrived and only caught 1 small trout in all that time. Good seeing this as I may go do a night trip up there soon. When we use to troll up there we only caught smallmouth, white bass and walleye. And mostly white bass.
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There is a mixed bag of everything in the lake. You never know what you might catch. I have caught Crappie as well. We hooked a big trout, but it got off. Hard to land them when they jump so much.
I actually caught a few crappie out of blue ridge too. I also caught a nice largemouth ( 7 or 8#) that I returned to the lake. My favorites species to catch there is bluegill/bream.
Nice report! Thanks for turning loose the smallmouth and keeping the spots! I hope everyone that fishes Blue Ridge regularly does exactly that!


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Interesting to see southern fish with what I would call northern tactics. Dippy divers, down riggers, etc. love the way you used the bama rig as an attractor with a leader behind it. A great day on the water and makes me want to take the 2 hour drive up there.
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Yes, if you look closely at the video you can see the trailer fish...I did not see that until I did the editing. I have put my time on the water and trolling is really paying off. There is a huge learning curve, but well worth it. :)