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When we built this house I planted some blueberry bushes and I get some blueberries every year. One of the bushes is a pink lemonade and for the first time it looks like it's going to have more than a handful which is exciting. Anyway I was walking around the house and dang if there ain't blueberries growing all around the house! I guess it's from the birds eating my planted berries and spreading them around. I don't know how they'll do, most of them do have a few berries on them. At least the critters will be happy.


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I got high bush and some low ones. Wild ones and a few planted ones.
The low ones I have never seen a berry on, but the deer eat them.
The high ones have a few berries regularly, but the deer keep them trimmed.


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My mother in law across the road has 10 blueberry bushes planted across the road. They are loaded.

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Do ya'll cover your bushes with netting to keep the birds away? I have two and the birds tear them up.


Use fake snakes (thank you mom), metal ribbon, and a fake owl that we move weekly. Birds don't cause much problems.......