Bobby Bowden


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Yes he never had much talent to work with. 😕. Good ole southern dude. Was a heck of a coach and a good man seems like
I would work out at the locker room weight room when I was in high school. Then run the stadiums around the football field. It was not build like it is today. It was just a stadium. The practice fields where ok. They had scaffolding built up to watch it. This was 1977-78-79.
They have quite the faculty’s today.
Bobby’s office was at the end zone and he’d walk out and go to his golf cart. Ride to the fields. Quite often I’d wait for him to say hey as I was a teen running around.
I’ve worked at his house then in Killarn doing remodeling later. Childers construction was my life then. Sam Childers played for them. Bill Childers was sams dad. I had other friend that played there durning that era. Tallahassee was a small town.
Bobby Bowden put it on the map.
Sorry to hear that. But he walked the walk and will be fine either way. Another one of those ole ball coaches when the game and times were simpler. Man I loved those old Seminole teams. He would play anybody coast to coast. Hoping that one day FSU is in the conversation again. And whipping them Gators again.
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Sad to hear. Another legendary coach saying his final goodbyes. I think he was just about break even against Florida for his career, but I think overall he had Spurriers number by a few games and some of those games were as exciting as I've ever seen. Prayers to him and his family and MUCH respect.
About fifteen years ago my stepdad was going to rib him a little bit in the Tally airport. He walked up and said “Roll Tide”. He said Bobby just laughed and said he always liked Alabama and was a fan himself. They talked a while and he was a true class act. My stepdad always liked him before that but really liked him afterwards. Good fellow.


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Looked up his record at FSU. For a period of 14 straight years, 1987-2000, his teams never lost more than 2 games in a season, and went 152-19. Very Saban-like (Saban is 165-23 in his 14 years at Alabama.)

GREAT coach. And from knowing someone who played for him, GREAT man.

Hope this goes easy for him...but death doesn't seem to play favorites.
He took some heat at times for coddling players with issues but I think almost all coaches that get grief for doing that are doing it because they really think they can "fix" their players and they have also promised mama they would take care of their baby like their own and it's not always about the W.

Bowden was as genuine as they come. My nephew that played baseball at South Carolina was also good friends with one of Bowdens grandsons and spent alot of time at his home and he said he was just a great man!!!!. Always had time for everyone!!!!

He had some unbelievable tragedies in his life and less importantly some devastating loses that probably cost him 2 or 3 more NCs but overall, from the outside looking in on his life, from a Christian perspective, ran a good race and after 92 years will meet his maker!!!!! Well done Sir!!!!:rockon: