Bout gotter done!

Looks great!


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Nice job! But how did you get the beavers to knarl up the 2x’s?


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Owner did some cutting on our lease last summer and opened up a couple of areas. With all this free time, attempted my first box blind. It ain't perfect but will have to do. Still needs windows, door & roof but ready to be set up on platform soon.

Are you putting anything down on top of your plywood floor (carpet, mat, etc) to help with noise.
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Looks darn good :cheers:. Boat trailer bunk padding? That's a great idea, I have some leftover from when I redid mine a while back.
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We built a box last year for the first time. I sat in it opening morning and never wanted to sit any where else the rest of the season. When you see a big buck come in make sure you don't kick the wall.... I heard from a "friend" it scares them off :ROFLMAO: