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Getting ready for hunting season has never been this much fun. Dust off your hunting rigs and come out to the range for our indoor league. This is a Vegas type round. 10 rounds of 3 arrows each round for a total of 30 arrows. A perfect score will be a 300. There is a bonus for the 1st 300 shot will win $100.00.

Cost for this league $20.00 to join. 50% of the join money will be payed back at the end of the 8 weeks to the top shooter with 6 or more scores in. You will pay $15.00 each round shot with 50% the nightly. We will run this league for 8 weeks.

Equipment for this league
• This will be hunting bows only.
• Hunting arrows with screw-in field tips
• Short stabilizers
• Hunting sights