Boys of Summer / Season is 4 Days Off


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No debate.

Our area does not have many big bucks, but for home grown archery deer, they will do.

They are pretty safe from me anyway, I am selective and not driven by the kill.
I was kidding you. I'd be proud to take most any of those. I'm not driven by the kill, but it does complete the cycle.
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Jim Boyd

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I was kidding you.
Never a worry, Lilly.

Our bucks generally do top out at about 125” but we occasionally see a 140 class 10 pt.

I like the one with the split brows this year, and he is making the corner on an old pasture so I think there is at least SOME chance of seeing him.

I have been on these farms since 2010 and this area has never been hunted in that time as it is too hard to get to.
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Jim Boyd

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I wouldnt set in this heat for 180"
I am pretty sure, sir, that if a 180” was a sure bet - you would most assuredly be in the minority.

I don’t doubt you, I am just saying you would be by your lonesome sitting it out.
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Jim Boyd

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Great pictures Jim, you have a bunch of good looking bucks!

We always have a great many like this - fairly low pressure overall in the area and we def take it easy on them.

These are just hanging for the summer in a swamp bottom and an oak flat next to a big cut down - they will be scattered to the 4 winds in about 30 days... 45 days tops.

Some will go but others we have not seen will move in.

It’s all give and take.

Thanks !!!!!