Braves 2021 Season Thread

Yesterday, my son and some of his co-workers got treated by his work with tickets in the Delta Skybox behind home plate. Buffet lunch, free beer, the whole 9 yards of elite treatment.

Then the game was cancelled.

So he got excited that the game was rescheduled to be played October 4...until I informed him that the game would only be made up if it meant something to the playoff race. Bummed again.

Now I think he is rooting for tight playoff race. :LOL:
I can't see Ozuna coming back. He's a cancer at this point. Hopefully they can shake his contract.
It's becoming more and more unlikely the Braves will have any recourse at all to get out of Ozuna's contract. The felony charges have already been dropped after it was discover that the arresting officers accounts were highly exaggerated and the the two remaining misdemeanor charges will be dropped as well after he completes the agreed on intervention program. He'll most definitely be suspended by the league somewhere between 30-80 games. The Braves would most likely have to eat the majority of his contract to trade him, so he'll very likely finish out his deal as a Brave.