Brisket, All Fancy Style... :)


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I've had and used a sous vide for 5 years or so. I pull it out a few times a year, usually for tough cuts that appreciate a low, slow and long cook time to get all the connective tissue and fat to render....beef short ribs, for instance. I'll do a 24 hr/overnight cook at 155 degrees, then throw them under the broiler to carmelize any sauce.

Have also made some of the best lollipop lamb chops ever eaten with the sous vide. 4 hrs at 123 F (vac sealed with some butter, salt, pepper and rosemary), then about 10 minutes on each side on the smoker, running about 350 with a few chunks of apple or pecan for smoke. Man, those things melt in your mouth.

Oh, and I'll give Pay's Marinade a third shout out. Haven't used anything else on a steak since I tried it 8 or 9 years ago. 5 Star review.