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Jim Thompson

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Breaking day...

Its 35 and the wind is calm...yep I said it, the wind is calm. Don't think I have ever mentioned that when in the midwest.

I am in a lockon with a huge cut bean field as far as I can see to my right and a nasty swampy bedding area about 75 yards to my left. A couple of trails beat down to the bare dirt come together about 20 yards dead in front of me. The wind is supposed to pick up around light and come from the NE

Bubba is about 300 yards in front of me and to the left. He has his back to another bean field and is covered up in rubs.

This is the first time we have been back on this lease since earlier this year. Across the river in I'll the chase is on and bucks are running everywher2!

Yall hang on...its rattlin time!


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well I think I'll post instead of trolling through on this one...Good Luck guys you are in the land of the giants up there.

God Bless,
Jay Murray
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Jim Thompson

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Bubba got a glimpse of a tall tined buck about the same time as I saw the 6 and doe.

As promised the breeze has picked up. Not brutal like usual, but heck with temps as high as they are it would be fine in the 20mph range:D

Oh yeah....man that was a fine cup of coffee!!!!

Come on big boy!!!


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good luck JT,keep us posted like last year and the pictures coming,best of luck to yall,knock 'em down
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Jim Thompson

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No more deer and it is warming up fast...too fast! Supposed to be a nasty 60 today, which just aint right for november...but whatever we will make do with what we have.

An idea of what a midwest wood lot looks like...this is to my left. The swampy thicket is on the backside of this lil clearing