Bubba and JT..Indiana Live From the Tree!

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Jim Thompson

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The rut is on JT so the temps wont make that much difference. Look at it as being able to hunt in comfort up there for a change...:D
I think yall know I would rather it be 20 than 40 any day of the week!!!!:D

Just hit a pretty agressive rattling session. Maybe something will slip in on me
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Jim Thompson

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Buck been in here behind me dogging a doe for about 10 mins! Haven't seen either yet, just hear the chase and hearin him grunt...maybe just maybe this will happen!

Course its prolly some lil fat IN local chasing his hawg that busted outa his pen:D


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I live for these JT threads....

Keep after em' JT...Hope you and Bubba stick a monster!
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Jim Thompson

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Never saw the chasing behind me:(

Bubba was looking @ a 4pt @ same time and sent me this pic. I can't see it but maybe yall can.

If all else fails, water the leaves, maybe you can get a pick of a hawk.....::ke:


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I love this!!:clap: We are leaving out in about 4hrs headed just north of you near Vincennes -- gonna catch the smokepoll opener!
Keep the updates coming - You should give us one at least every 5 mins!!:D:pop:
Good luck guys!


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Yall sitting all day?
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Jim Thompson

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Fxjenk...already tried that...twice! :bounce:

4x4. We do sit a lot of days from bell to bell, but have to move some stands, hang a camera and check some sign today @ lunch. I haven't been on this farm since october 1st and never bfore that so it looks a lot different now.

Almost always have a sammage in the backpack though. Cause when they are moving we aint going nowhere!